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2024 Newsletters

July 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • I Always Thought Title Insurance Was a Waste of Money Until This Happened to Me
  • Bankers Title Shenandoah Night at  Staunton Braves
  • As Deepfakes Redraw Cybersecurity Battlelines, Banks Must Change Their Approach
  • 2024 Sued for Wire Fraud Report: In-Depth Analysis of Recent Wire Fraud Cases Shaping the Legal Landscape for Real Estate Firms
  • Virginia Title Center Keeps You and Your Clients Safe From Wire Fraud with CertifID
  • 3 Ways to Compassionately Hold Your Team Accountable
  • 4 Things Banks Are Doing to Grease the M&A Wheels
  • Identify — and Develop — Your Natural Strengths
  • What Makes CRE Risk in 2024 and Beyond Different From Recent Bank Failures?
  • The Top 20 Reasons People Quarrel
  • Real Estate News

June 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • Average Title Insurance Claim Cost for Fraud and Forgery is $143,000
  • High Inflation is Changing the Way Americans Retire
  • How Three Community Bank CEOs Are Tackling Tech, Talent and Deposit Challenges
  • Your Personal Brand Needs a Refresh. Here’s Where to Start
  • Inspiring Leadership: The Key to Building Inspired Teams
  • How AI Will Transform the Mortgage and Appraisal Industries
  • 4 Common Types of Team Conflict — and How to Resolve Them
  • 5 Verbal Communication Mistakes You Need to Correct ASAP
  • Real Estate News

May 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • Dispelling 7 Myths About NAR’s Proposed Settlement
  • CFPB Weighs Title Insurance Changes
  • 5 Strategies for Improving Mental Health at Work
  • Leading the Future of Work: Jacob Morgan on Top Leadership Trends in 2024 for Banking Execs
  • Cybercrime Losses Hit Record High in 2023
  • The 10 Simplest Ways to Turn Challenges Into Opportunities
  • Unmasking Work Friction: Hidden Hurdles Cost Banks Millions
  • Focusing and Eliminating Distractions
  • From Daunting to Doable: How Bankers Can Master Relationship Building on LinkedIn
  • Real Estate News

April 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • The Truth About the NAR Settlement Agreement
  • This is How to Become More Decisive: 20 Practices
  • These Are the Biggest Fraud Risks Banks Will Face in 2024
  • Virginia Title Center Keeps You Save From  Wire Fraud with CERTFID
  • Team Chemistry: How Do You Build It?
  • Is Being a ‘Regional Bank’ Now a Reputational Liability?
  • 7 Keys to De-risking Commercial Real Estate Lending
  • Real Estate News

March 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • 3 Types of Overthinking — And How to Overcome Them
  • Why is Fannie Mae Optimistic About a Housing Market Recovery?
  • What to Say Instead of “I’m Sorry”
  • Community Financial Institutions: Going Beyond Being Friendly
  • Brilliant Leaders Know: You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers
  • Why It’s Time for Banks to Hire a Chief AI Officer — and What That Looks Like
  • Real Estate News

February 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • How to Stop Dwelling On Your Stress
  • How Many Fed Rate Cuts Will We See in 2024?
  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape the Future of Leadership
  • 7 Deadly Leadership Sins
  • Washington Watch: 5 Issues Bankers Should Monitor in 2024
  • Real Estate News

January 2024 Title Notes E-News

  • Housing Market Predictions for 2024: When Will Home Prices Be Affordable Again?
  • Use Strategic Thinking To Create The Life You Want
  • How Analysts See 2024 Shaping Up for Mortgage Lenders
  • A Generative AI Decision-Making Guide For Community Banks
  • The Different Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders From the Rest
  • CEO Survey Finds ‘Cautious Optimism’ Among Banking Leaders
  • Real Estate News

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